The Children’s Sleep Charity is to be featured on the BBC 1 documentary Panorama on Monday 6th March. The Children’s Sleep Charity was set up in 2012 by Vicki Dawson and offers vital support to families who are facing sleep issues.

It is estimated that around 30% of children will suffer with sleep issues at some point during their childhood with this figure rising to 86% for children with additional needs.  It is well documented that sleep deprivation can cause a wide range of difficulties for both parent and child including lowering of the immune system, behavioural issues and under achievement in education.

We recently piloted sleep support and professional training to schools across Yorkshire and the Humber, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. One of the schools from the pilot, Honley High, will also feature in the Documentary

Vicki says, "The charity supports all families to get a better night’s sleep.  We have been inundated with requests for support from families of children across the country, we can receive up to 200 emails every day.  When families are sleep deprived it can lead them into crisis. We are hoping that by appearing on Panorama we can help to raise awareness about the importance of sleep for wellbeing"

 Marie Simmons is mum to Kristan who is six years old and on the Autistic Spectrum, he also has sensory processing difficulties. She received support from The Children’s Sleep Charity after suffering years of sleep deprivation she says, “Kristan was up for most of the night. I decided to get help and hoped there was a light at the end of what felt a very dark tunnel.  I approached The Children’s Sleep Charity and they supported me to make changes to his bedtime routine. They also supported me through implementing the new programme, especially when I wanted to give up!

After a few weeks Kristan started to sleep through the night, his behavior improved in the day time and evenings are no longer spent running up and down the stairs. Our lives have changed so much now we can relax at night and get some sleep”

It has been a really busy time for us recently, winning a national award for our work around supporting families of children with autism and being chosen as partners to Netmums. To find out more and the support and training we offer please feel free to contact us.

You can also keep updates via @TheSleepCharity and Every like we have on social media demonstrate the vital need for sleep support.


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