Around 40% of children will have a sleep issue at some point in childhood impacting on their ability to meet their full potential.  Join us for a day of training delivered by experienced Sleep Practitioners with a background in early years education.  

This workshop includes exploration of the impact of sleep deprivation on children and their families, if we can improve sleep then we can improve parental resilience, daytime behaviour, concentration, potentially attainment and attendance at settings too.  

We will explore sleep physiology and how sleep changes during the early years.  Delegates are introduced to circadian rhythms, melatonin and sleep cycles as part of this work.  We move on to looking at common sleep issues and applying the science around sleep to these to understand more about why they occur and what practical strategies we can take to address them.  

The day is full of practical ideas for practitioners to share with families and also to try in the setting.  There is a focus on sleep hygiene and diet, sleep environments and suggested strategies to try as well as information around safe sleep.  Information is shared around how to have conversations with parents around sleep, suggestions to offer and appropriate resources to share.  

A key theme is around promoting positive sleep messages in the early years as research demonstrates that early intervention is key in preventing sleep issues from escalating.  This workshop will look at baseline assessments and finding out about sleep habits at home, using displays in the setting to promote positive messages and ideas to work on with children in setting and to engage home/setting relationships.  

The workshop concludes with action planning to ensure delegates take away a considered approach for their organisation around how they can utilise the learning.  The Sleep Practitioner delivering the workshop will also be an experienced early years professional.  This course is ideal for nursery managers, childminders and early years practitioners.


Course details:


Date: Monday 23rd March 2020

Time: 9.30am - 4.00pm

Venue: The Sleep Charity, Kale Lodge, Woodfield Park, Tickhill Road, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 8QP


For further information, or to book please contact Lauren on



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